Office Staff | Adv. Ran Amiel

Adv. Ran Amiel

Owner and founder.


Adv. Ran Amiel graduated from the Faculty of Law, Haifa University (LLB) in 1996.


He began his career as the principal assistant to the Haifa District Attorney. In this capacity, he represented government offices in various courts, including administrative petitions, tenders and contract law, etc.


At the end of 2000 he established the firm which is located in Haifa and in 2010 the Jerusalem branch was established.


Adv. Amiel specializes in real estate law, expropriations, planning and building, environmental and also civil and administrative law.


Adv. Amiel and his team have a wealth of experience in the field of administrative and civil litigation. They have successfully handled many hundreds of complex claims in courts of all levels, administrative petitions in the field of building and planning and in the environmental protection field.


Adv. Amiel has served as a state prosecutor in criminal proceedings under Chapter 10 of the Building and Planning Law 5725 -1965 and also in the field of violations of Environmental Protection Laws.


Adv. Amiel has extensive experience in supporting projects in the field of infrastructure and real estate, including handling negotiations and complex compensation agreements in the field of land expropriations, alternative transactions, combination transactions and urban renewal.


He is regularly appointed by the courts as a receiver and temporary executor of real estate properties that require management until legal decision.


Adv. Amiel serves as an arbitrator on behalf of the Arbitration Institute of the Israeli Bar Association and as an oral examiner in the examinations of the Bar Association.


Adv. Amiel lectures regularly before lawyers, open forums, building inspectors and students – on different subjects in his area of expertise.


Born in 1967, a resident of Binyamina-Giv’at Ada, married and a father of five. A captain in reserve army duty.



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