Areas of Practice | Civil and Administrative Litigation

Civil and Administrative Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience in handling complex civil and administrative cases in various courts throughout Israel, arbitration and mediation proceedings. The integration of a high standard of expertise in different legal fields and those related thereto, alongside skills in presenting the client’s case in an articulate and focused manner in court and the proven ability in implementing effective cross-examination enables us to handle the case on behalf of the client in the best possible manner.

Within this context, our firm handles many claims dealing with contract law, land contracts, building defects claims, claims against contractors for fundamental breaches, the law of damages, etc.


Our firm has extensive experience in handling negotiations on the one hand both prior to the dispute reaching the court which furthermore requires tactical forward looking thinking and also thereafter.


In the field of administrative litigation, our firm supports authorities and governmental companies, likewise also individuals and private entities in a variety of activities and proceedings in the field of administrative and constitutional law and deals with complex cases in large volumes.

Our firm has many years of experience of a high standard in representing administrative proceedings, on the one hand in representing petitioners and also in representing different authorities as respondents to petitions, in all courts. Our firm also specializes in representing private entities, groups, citizens, etc., neighborhoods; businesses and government authorities, in complicated, complex petitions requiring knowledge and a command of different areas the law, including in matters of tenders, planning and building, building defects, land, the environment, expropriation laws,  local authorities (local municipalities, local councils) etc.

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